Cancer survivors may hope to find relief with Naturopathy, a complimentary branch of medicine, that makes use of natural and safe therapies

Cancer or the ‘Big C’, as it is fearfully referred to, is no longer considered a death sentence. The number of individuals who have survived cancer has considerably increased over the years. Certain adult cancers have a survival rate of 70% or more, while a few childhood cancers may boast of a greater cure rate.

Surviving cancer requires a great deal of strength, endurance and courage. While cancer can change lives for ever, it can also be viewed as an experience that may help an individual to grow in different ways. Appreciation of self and others is at the centre of this change and, in this context, cancer survivors learn to acknowledge their bodies and their health in a better way. It will be important for them to appreciate the new lease of life and to take better care of themselves, in all ways possible.

Most often treatments like radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are required to bring cancer under control; nevertheless, the root cause is never addressed. Besides, these treatments exhaust the patients and mar their quality of life. This is where naturopathy can help to bring relief from the 'body–racking' side effects and to restore the individual’s overall health.

Naturopathy is a complimentary branch of medicine that makes use of natural and safe therapies. It upholds detoxification as the first step towards recovery from cancer. Naturopathy recommends 5 natural steps, which are dealt with in the following sessions.

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Catweazle, United Kingdom

I'm confused. The article doesn't say what the "root cause" is, or how detoxification can stop that root cause?