Reiki and Pranic Healing heal the aura or the energy field that surrounds the body


Both Reiki and Pranic Healing are holistic healing methods. Both the healing methods have been derived from ancient Indian systems and have been tested, experienced and recognized by the world. Both are effective in healing and are treated as alternative medicines that are complementary to traditional medicine.

Pranic Healing was practiced by the rishis of Himalayas in India and was practiced in China too. Relatively Reiki has been a recent discovery. Dr.MikaoUsui rediscovered Reiki whereas Master.Choa KokSui from Philippines founded Pranic Healing.

The basic principle underlying both the fields is the same, that is, healing the aura (energy field), surrounding the body. Reiki heals the aura with the help of certain symbols, visualization, chanting of sacred words and laying of hands. Pranic Healing does the same by channelising and harmonizing the prana- the life force energy. Both believe in removing the negative energy(diseased energy) from the body and mind.

Both the methods believe in self- healing capacity of the body. There is no physical contact in pranichealing whereas; it is very much the case with Reiki in the first level. In the practice of advanced level of Reiki, physical touch is not necessary.

Both believe in the presence of astral body projected 4-5’’ from the physical body. This energy field distributes the healing energy to the chakras and they in turn to the glands. Both the methods rectify the imbalances in the body, penetrating the energy field

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RajniKansal, India

Nice artical. Reiki is more spiritual healing where as Pranic healing has techniques to rectify the imbalances.