Stress is a form of strain that affects us physically and emotionally.It occurs as a result of conflict, within us, or, with the outside world.

The only constant, in today’s changing world, is ‘Stress’. It results from our response to a situation. It stalks its way through modernity and creeps unawares onto unsuspecting lives.

A faceless entity, stress manifests itself in a million ways, among the young and the old alike. It is a mental condition that stems from anxiety, which is an emotion that persists among us despite our efforts to counter it.

Although there are different reasons for stress, the common factor is that it is man- made.

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doclind, United States

Stress is often a necessary part of life. sometimes we go through more stress we can handle other times we don't have enough. But we must do this by balancing the stresses in life. We must be able to overcome stressful situations when they do approach. Websites like this help us to overcome and move during the challenging parts of life.