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Height and Weight by Body Frame for Adults

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Find your ideal body weight for a given height and body frame using Medindia’s Ideal Height - Weight Calculator for Adults.
. Height and Weight by Body Frame for Adults
To find out your frame type simply place your thumb and index finger around your wrist. If your finger overlaps the thumb, your frame is a Small Frame. If they touch, your frame is a Medium Frame. If they do not touch, your frame is a Large Frame. If you want more accurate results you can use our Frame Size Calculator.

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Posted by:  wkirby1, United States  Posted on: 6/19/2012
I think that as long you have a balanced diet, exercise regulary, and keep sugars to a minimum whether it be the comsumption of sugary fruits or junk food, your body will naturally be where it needs to be.
Posted by:  kennedyobrien, Ireland  Posted on: 5/31/2012
which hand should you use to place your thumb and index finger around your wrist?
Posted by:  janghela, India  Posted on: 1/7/2012
my hight & wait very less so please solution give me
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