Last Updated on Sep 23, 2014

Support Groups of Sickle Cell Anemia

As a genetic disease, sickle cell anemia cannot be prevented. However, parents can undergo genetic counseling and understand the possibilities and the risk of having a child with the disease.

To find answers to inheritance pattern, the genetic pattern of both the parents is important. (We have covered this section in the Mode of inheritance section). Currently there is no cure available for the disease hence it is highly advisable that if both the partners have Sickle Cell anemia they should not produce offspring as the risk is 100% to the newborn. Ideally, if a person has SCA, or SC trait, they should get their partner screened before producing any offspring and understand the risk of the disease.

Support groups can help the patient with information regarding the disease, or services required, and instill in them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. These groups can also help them with information to learn to cope with living with the disease and promote interaction between patients and their care - takers.


Manyanoha Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dr Asenso and Health Talk Ltd in Kumasi Ghana has waged a war on Sickle Cell Disease and Malaria in their wellness center which is yielding tremendous results. The natural programs that we have at Health Talk Ltd complete cure these killer diseases.

saisrika Sunday, January 27, 2013

but how to save of patient why i am asking you my doctor name of sai srika age of 10 months she blood report is sickle cell 67.7%

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