Target Heart Rate During Exercise

It is estimated that 60% of the population in developed countries are overweight. Not to be overshadowed, the developing countries too are fast catching up and have registered a steep rise in obesity, especially among the urban population.

In keeping with the need of the hour there is a lot of emphasis on exercising as the best way to lose weight or maintain it. But very often people are unaware of the right way to exercise or of the prerequisites that need to be followed while exercising. An ideal exercise program does not over-stress the individual but does ensure that the intensity of the exercise increases slowly and steadily so that there is very little stress on the heart.
Fill in your details to use the calculator below and find out your target heart rate. The standard formula of calculation applies to 95% of the people who use this calculator.

Target Heart Rate During Exercise
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Don340, United States

I'm 72 am I to old to use it ?

bligwartx, United States

Age on chart only goes to 60. Do you not think that anyone over 60 exercises?