by Bidita Debnath on  June 6, 2015 at 11:07 PM General Health News
Wonder Woman Had Three Fingers Growing Out Of Her Arm but the Reason Will Amaze You
Nobody knows what will happen next in the event of a major disaster. So, when a freak industrial accident left a woman with no fingers, she surely didn't know what to expect.

You might think the doctors put her fingers in the wrong place. But, the truth is they purposefully attached them to the woman's arm. The reason why is absolutely ground breaking. If I am ever in a horrific accident, I hope I have doctors as intelligent and innovative as this woman did.

Instead of discarding this woman's limbs, doctors did something totally unexpected and sewed the three fingers to the woman's forearm. For eight months, the woman lived with her fingers on her arm like this.

The doctors did this in order to give the fingers a continued blood supply while the rest of the woman's hand was being rebuilt. That makes so much sense. You're probably wondering if the fingers were functional like that. Although her fingers were getting a blood supply, she was not able to move them.

The fingers were grafted there while the entirety of the woman's palm was reconstructed. During this process, nerves from her ankle were moved to her hand and a thumb was created from one of her toes. Eventually, the grafted fingers were moved from her arm back to her hand.

The entire surgery took approximately 12 hours and she went through approximately one year of physical therapy, but in the end the woman had a fully functional hand and was able to cook Sunday lunch for her family again.

Source: Medindia

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