Tomato Hairdo Makes Waves in Japan

by Savitha C Muppala on Apr 30 2013 8:29 AM

 Tomato Hairdo Makes Waves in Japan
How would a hair-do that looks just like a tomato appear? This new hair style, popularly called the tomato hair-do from the land of hair salons and trendy hair styles is making waves in Japan.
This recent style to hit the popularity charts is called the “Ripe Tomato”. Owing its existence to Hiro, a stylist at an Osaka salon called Trick Store, this style seems to be on the image makeover agenda of most people.

Trick Store’s styles are considered to be quite trendy, interesting and cool to sport. The Tomato haircut is a smooth, short cut with angular bangs. The hair is first dyed tomato red. At the crown of the head, the hair is divided into a six-point bright green “stem” which actually makes the head. It would appear like a ripe tomato when one sees from above.

Critics have not rated this new hair style very high and predict that it will soon fade away. Further, this style is tough to maintain as the dyes fade away quickly and it might be difficult to get the green leaves to the same position after a shower.

Despite saucy comments from critics, style aficionados might still make heads turn with their red hot tomato hair style!