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 Men With Facial Hair Enjoy More Sex
A survey has found that 6 in 10 Australian women agree that men with facial hair are more sexually attractive than their cleaner-cut counterparts.

The survey, conducted by Schick Men's razors with Jigsaw Strategic Research, asked men and women in the ages of 16 to 34 what the effects of various facial hair styles had on men's success rate with women.

About two thirds of the men asked agreed that having well-groomed facial hair gives them a much better success rate with women.

A whopping 75 percent of men also confessed that sporting facial hair makes them 'feel' more attractive to women, and 76 percent declared they felt more interesting with well-groomed facial hair.

Around 68 percent went so far as to say they think their chin rug gives them more personality, perhaps due to the ratio of women finding a man with facial hair to be more individualistic, stylish and adventurous.

Based on the results of the survey, it was decided that men with facial hair have more sex.

"Changing your facial hair can give you a completely new identity and unlike a tattoo - you can play around with it," the Daily Telegraph quoted Australian stylist and grooming expert Jeff Lack, as saying.

"The great news is that there is a new trend emerging as today's men are starting to realise the importance of 'individuality' and choosing what you stand for -Australian guys understand this as becoming your own personal brand.

"Think of Lucas Neill, Matt Newton and the Russell Brand 'brand', not only does their facial hair increase their attractiveness, without it they wouldn't appear as unique or as interesting as they are," he stated.

For men who want to go all the way and come across as the most exciting lovers on the planet, women also think styled facial hair means you are wilder in the bedroom.

Source: ANI

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