by Tanya Thomas on  September 18, 2010 at 10:31 AM Women Health News
 Study to Determine Whether 'Guilt-tripping Women' into Breastfeeding Is Effective
Is "guilt-tripping women" to choose breast over bottle effective? Oz scientists intend to find this out by embarking on a study of mums in the United Kingdom.

Lead researcher Joy Parkinson, from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) School of Advertising Marketing and Public Relations, said women were often made to feel guilty for not breastfeeding their children when in fact a more supportive approach might be the answer.

Parkinson said a study by QUT of almost 1400 women in Australia and the United States had revealed support and encouragement from family and friends to persevere with breastfeeding rather than support from health professionals was the key to boosting breastfeeding rates.

"We are now seeking mums with babies less than 18 months old from across the UK to take part in the Feeding Your Bub survey," she said.

Parkinson said her study revealed mums required personal support and encouragement to stick with breastfeeding, especially when the going got tough.

"Results from the US and Australian study indicated that support from the baby's father was an important aspect in helping women breastfeed, with more than 88 per cent of women surveyed indicating that they received lots of support from their partner," she said.

"Only 31 per cent indicated they received support from a health professional, " she added.

Source: ANI

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