by Rathi Manohar on  April 13, 2011 at 11:41 PM Mental Health News
 Six-Year Old Keeps His Teachers Away from School
Hunter Patterson, a six-year old autistic boy, has been kept back from going to school as three teachers have refused to report for work as long as he was there!

The three teachers at Langley Topham Elementary had complained that his violent, aggressive behavior was proving to be dangerous and that he should leave.

His father refused to accept that the little boy could endanger any one's safety, and says that it is shocking to feel threatened by a six year old. He claims that a 15-year old baby-sitter could handle him independently; "I find it hard to believe three highly educated people couldn't come up with a solution."

An inspection report at the school states that groups that were willing to handle Hunter walked into a situation that posed a high risk of injury. But, it also recommended that teachers should be better trained.

Langley Teachers' Association president Susan Fonseca also commented that this situation revealed teachers to be in dire need of training to deal with special needs students, workplace safety issues and risk assessment.

Meanwhile, Hunter's parents have been in touch with various government offices, including the Education Minister and Langley MLA Mary Polak. The local MLA has been asked to look into the matter.

Hunter has been out of school for a month now, and the good news is there are at least a couple of schools that are ready to take him in. And his father hopes that in a new school, with better trained teachers, Hunter will set his record straight!

Source: Medindia

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