Only 7 Companies can Sell Instant Noodles and Pastas; Tests on All: FSSAI

by Dr. Trupti Shirole on Jun 10 2015 5:30 AM

Only 7 Companies can Sell Instant Noodles and Pastas; Tests on All: FSSAI
Following tests on some samples of Maggi noodles, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had ordered the recall of all the nine variants of Maggi pan-India and had asked Nestle to halt its production and exports. On June 8, 2015, the FSSAI revealed that only seven companies have been given the approval to sell instant noodles and pastas with taste-makers in India. The food safety watchdog ordered tests on all approved variants and also called for the remaining ’illegal’ ones to be destroyed.
The seven companies that have approvals for their variants of instant noodles and pastas with tastemakers include Ruchi International (Koka), CG Foods (Wai Wai), Glaxosmithkline (Foodles), Nestle (Maggi), AA Nutrition (Yummy), Indo Nisin (Top Ramen) and ITC (brand not specified).

A letter from the FSSAI said, "The safety of all other products in these categories has not been assessed as per the product approval procedures. As such, the same are unauthorized and illegal and cannot be intended for human consumption."

Ordering tests on all the approved varieties, the letter written by chief executive officer Yudhvir Singh Malik to all the commissioners of food safety said, "As regards all the remaining food products, you are advised to ensure such products are recalled, removed from the market and destroyed. Tests on Nestle’s Maggi and some other similar products had raised serious health concerns and that it was, accordingly, thought fit to conduct tests on all similar products for which approvals had been granted. Overseas and local manufacturers would be treated equally. More noodle brands including pasta and macaroni products will also start getting tested this week."

When asked if the brand ambassadors could be taken to task, Malik said, "As of now, we are not considering any action."

The FSSAI also detailed the process involved in the recall of food products. Malik said, "Ideally, consumers should be able to return the product at the retail outlet and get their money back if they have the bill with them. It is also Nestle’s responsibility to let the consumers return their products, if they have kept the bill with them."

The FSSAI also plans to post a list of all approved noodle products on its website and advise the state authorities to test them. Malik said, "We understand Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu have already started testing other brands. We will list all the approved noodle products soon. Nestle had been asked to give the regulator an update on compliance first after three days and then regularly until the end. Because we understand that it could take 10 days or more, we will be taking regular progress reports from the company."