Fairground Ride Leaves British Woman, 26, Feeling Dizzy for a Year

by Vishnuprasad on Aug 7 2014 6:21 PM

 Fairground Ride Leaves British Woman, 26, Feeling Dizzy for a Year
A British woman has spent the last year of her life feeling dizzy after going on a fairground ride triggered an odd neurological disorder. Bobbie Lane, 26, from Kent, was at Reading Festival when she chose to go on the ride, which flipped her and her friends around at high speed.
Her friends quickly recovered from the ride, but Ms Lane’s sense of dizziness did not wear away and continued to get worse over the next few days. Ms Lane, said that after she came back home, the dizziness stayed with her and it felt like she was permanently at sea.

‘It slowly got worse, and eventually I went to the doctor, who immediately sent me to a neuroscientist consultant,’ she said.  She was diagnosed with Migraine Variant Balance Disorder, also known as Migraine Associated Vertigo – a rare condition that affects her balance and memory leaving her permanently feeling like she’s had too much to drink.

Ms Lane was advised to leave her dream job as a charity worker as she must avoid all stress, and has to keep her up with a very strict diet. She said: ‘There’s a list of foods I can’t eat any more as long as my arm.’ The list includes alcohol, chocolate, dairy products and citrus fruit.

Although doctors cannot give her a fixed timeline, but she has been told that her condition is curable. ‘I live in hope that one day I’ll recover and then I can get my old life back,’ she said. She now hopes to begin a charity initiative to raise awareness of her little-known condition.