Survey Says 75 Percent IT Professionals Bullied at Work

by Sheela Philomena on Aug 7 2014 6:31 PM

 Survey Says 75 Percent IT Professionals Bullied at Work
75 percent Information technology (IT) professionals have admitted to being bullied at work, finds survey.
The survey results were based on the responses given by 650 IT professionals, reported Enterprise Innovation.

While 80 percent of the professionals said that they have seen others being bullied at workplace, only 8 percent admitted to bullying others. Forty-five percent of the professionals also chose not to answer the question.

A large group of people comprising 94 percent of the total said that they had suffered psychological abuse as opposed to 57 percent who reported verbal abuse. About eight percent reported physical abuse.

In a majority of cases (74 percent), the IT professionals were bullied by their seniors.

Sixty-seven percent of the professionals were bullied by an individual as opposed to 33 percent who were bullied by groups.