Experts Claim Pistorius' Handwriting Indicates 'multiple Personalities'

by Rukmani Krishna on Mar 1 2013 9:02 AM

 Experts Claim Pistorius
According to experts, a thank-you note written by Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius to a fan in 2011 has revealed his complex character with multiple personality traits.
Analyzing the note which was posted on a fan's online blog, Australian graphologist Caro Duncan said that the fact that Pistorius' signature does not match with the rest of his writing meant that there are two persons, a private and a public persona, hidden within him, reports.

Duncan also said that the writing indicated that the Paralympic star tried to live up to the expectations of his fans, critics and well-wishers, while being on the top of his game.

Duncan further said the 'o' in Pistorius' signature hinted at a public persona, which is a little different from the real Pistorius, and that the fact that he underlined his name meant that he had a sense of self-importance.

Stating that the writing on the note was not sinister, Duncan said that among other facts, the note also showed Pistorius' respect for other people and his optimism for life.

However, handwriting analyst Craig Peebles said that Pistorius was very moody, which could be seen in the right-hand slope of his handwriting, adding that the combination of writing with increased pressure to paper hinted a fierce temper and a tendency to argue his ground.

Peebles further said that Pistorius's desire for a dominant, attractive woman is represented in the slight hook in his c's.