Lawsuit Against US Psychologist for Careless Hypnosis

by Dr. Trupti Shirole on Dec 4 2011 4:19 PM

 Lawsuit Against US Psychologist for Careless Hypnosis
US psychologist, Mark Schwartz, has been accused of carelessly hypnotizing a patient, Lisa Nasseff, 41, in order to keep her there long-term and run up a bill that eventually reached $650,000, while she was seeking treatment for anorexia at the Castlewood Treatment Centre in St Louis, Missouri.
Under hypnosis, Ms. Nasseff was led to believe she had multiple personality disorder (20 different personalities),she had been sexually abused and raped multiple times and had participated in various criminal and horrific acts of abuse. She was led into believing she had once eaten babies as part of a satanic cult.

A lawsuit filed by Ms. Nasseff said- Dr Schwartz persuaded and convinced her to become increasingly isolated by her family and friends by leading her to believe said persons were involved in a satanic cult and that they had been and would continue to sexually abuse her. The trauma was too much for her to bear and she tried to get hold of drugs to kill herself while she was at the center. Later Nasseff learned from other women at the center that they, too, had been convinced through therapy that they were involved in satanic cults.

Ms. Nasseff's lawyer Vuylsteke said he had spoken to other Castlewood patients who had allegedly received similar treatment. The lawsuit seeks actual and punitive damages.