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Drugs More Important Than Kids for Katona, Says Her Candy Man
Former 'Atomic Kitten' singer Kerry Katona's drug dealer has revealed secrets about the singer that might faze ex-hubby Brian McFadden.

The singer and McFadden Kitten split two years ago and have been fighting over custody of their two daughters - Molly, 4, and Lilly Sue, 3.

According to the drug supplier, Leighton Ogden, even the pop singer's kids are not important to her when it comes to drugs.

"Kerry cares more about drugs than anything in her life — her children," New Of The World quoted Ogden, as saying.

The drug peddler revealed that when the 26-year-old is desperate to take a drug she just sends her kids to bed to get doped up.

"When she's on one of her benders nothing matters except the gear. I've seen it, believe me. She just packs the kids off to bed so she can get wasted," he said.

He insisted that the singer's image of being a family person is 'rubbish' and her home environment is not suitable for the kids.

"All that family image stuff about her is rubbish," he added.

"It's hardly a great environment to be bringing kids up in with all the drugs and booze knocking around her house," he said.

Ogden said that Katona was once so knocked out in the morning that she would not see her kids off to school and the girls had to look out for their nanny if they wanted anything.

"She wouldn't even get up in the morning if she was at home to see the girls off to school because she was always on benders or sleeping off the effects," he said.

"Her kids were always told to go to see the nanny if they ever wanted anything," he added.

Ogden revealed that Katona dumped her kids for days to go on a bender once.

The singer even asked the dealer once to put the drugs in the alloy wheels of her car while delivering so that the kid's nanny does not find it and lied TV bosses in Ireland who were set to pay the singer 170,000 pounds a year for ads.

Ogden insisted that he took a 'personal risk' by revealing all these secrets but it is high time that the singer understands her responsibilities towards the kids.

"I've taken a personal risk talking about this—but Kerry needs a wake-up call to her get herself clean for the sake of the kids and herself," he said.

Source: ANI

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