Conjoined Twins to Undergo Advanced Tests At AIIMS for Separation Surgery

by Reshma Anand on Dec 18 2015 11:33 AM

Conjoined Twins to Undergo Advanced Tests At AIIMS for Separation Surgery
For more than a decade, conjoined twins Veena and Vani have stayed at the Niloufer Hospital in Telangana hoping to be separated. After constant efforts from the Telangana government a panel of three expert surgeons from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have visited the hospital.
The team comprising of Dr Ashish Suri, professor of neurosurgery; Dr Manmohan Singh and Manish Singha interacted with the twins and conducted some preliminary diagnostics.

Doctors are analyzing about the pros and cons of conducting a separation surgery on them. They decided to conduct advanced tests on them at AIIMS.

“We want to do a complete neuroimaging of twins and a vascular re-imaging and re-evaluation to find out whether they can be separated without any risk of mortality and morbidity,” said Dr Ashish Suri.

The twins will be taken to AIIMS New Delhi for a series of sophisticated tests and scans, which will enable the surgeons to take an informed decision.

“In our examination we found that thirteen-year-old Veena and Vani are perfectly alright now and there are no neurological defects. They have good IQ. Therefore it poses a challenge for us to decide whether we can ensure that even after the separation, both the girls stay as clever and healthy,” he added.