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 Check Out If He is Your Mr.Perfect
Expert advice from Gian Gonzaga, senior director of a dating website and a social-psychologist will help find out if who you have found is actually Mr.Perfect.

Read each other's mind - If you find yourselves saying the same thing at the same time, or reading each other's minds, it means that you have achieved a deep level of understanding.

Sexy psychology - Research shows physical attractiveness can change as you grow more psychologically attracted to a partner, but it doesn't work in reverse.

"You would rather be attracted psychologically because physical attraction is pliable. People can become more physically attracted to each other the more connected they become," The Daily Telegraph quoted Gonzaga as saying.

A little bit same and a little bit different - While sharing core values is important, there are places where differences can be beneficial.

"Core values are deal breakers or deal makers because values end up driving a lot of our ideas and behaviour," he said.

You're right - If your new squeeze makes you feel right about your worldview there's a good chance you're on to a winning relationship.

Shows love - It's a good sign if your new man is cooking you dinner and checking in each day to see how you are, but not quite so flattering if he acts in the same way with his sister, mother and best mate.

Some signs to look out for, however, are disagreement over every opinion, conflicts right at the start of the relationship, stonewalling and inequality.

Source: ANI

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