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Bariatric Surgery at Delhi Hospital Helps 28-Year-Old Obese Man Shed 50 Kg
Bariatric surgery is an operation on the stomach and/or intestines that helps extremely obese patients to lose weight. A 28-year-old obese man, weighing 150 kg has successfully undergone a bariatric surgery that led to loss of 50 kg, revealed doctors on Sunday, June 7, 2015.

Mustafa, a complete foodie, initially controlled his food habits through exercise. He had lost around 75 kg in six months during his stint with a reality show which he regained later. Being overweight not only prevented him from taking up exercises again but he also injured his knee and hands after he tried to do exercise forcefully. He had to be bedridden for two months. This is what prompted him to undergo the bariatric surgery to lose weight permanently by getting his stomach size resized.

When asked why he opted for surgery over other methods for weight loss, Mustafa said, "I can control my food habits and follow exercise regime only for a short time. After a while, my body just gives up. Therefore, I sought an appointment with Dr. Ashish Bhanot, a leading bariatric surgeon in northern India, who after going through my health history, performed the bariatric surgery on me and re-sized my stomach. I stayed in the hospital for two days and was walking in 24 hours. I was discharged on the third day of surgery with a prescribed diet plan. I diligently followed the plan and now after six months of surgery, everything is fine. I didn't have to work hard to lose weight. Just a normal walk for 30 minutes every day or three hours in a week is sufficient."

Dr. Bhanot said, "The best part of the surgery was that now since Mustafa's stomach is re-sized, the holding capacity is reduced and he cannot forcibly put food down his stomach. Somebody who is overweight by 5-10 kg can shed that extra weight but for someone who has extra weight beyond a certain limit, for them it's not humanly possible to reduce it without any surgical help. And let's say even if one manages to lose it somehow, the tendency to regain it will always be there."

Dr. Bhanot, who is currently the chief bariatric surgeon at Nova hospital, East of Kailash, Delhi, said, "We do the laparoscopic surgery where very small instruments are used. People are able to move the same day, after a few hours of surgery. Their stomach capacity is low so they eat less and even if they eat more their stomach won't be able to handle it and they will vomit it out."

Source: IANS

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