Storage of Breast Milk

Storage of breast-milk

Breast milk is sterile when it is directly transferred from breast to mouth. But, there are circumstances when one has to take breast milk out and store it for future use. Cleanliness is the keyword while doing this. Wash the hands thoroughly and the area that may come in contact with the milk while expressing it out. Wash all pump parts and bottles that come in contact with milk with hot water after each use.

Refrigerate milk as soon as possible after pumping, even though, it can be left at room temperature for up to six hours before it begins to break down.

Fresh milk can be stored in refrigerator for up to 72 hours. Milk must be frozen within 24 hours of pumping.

Never refreeze milk.

Breast feed and pump frequently because your breasts respond to repeated sucking to produce milk. The more a woman breast feeds, the more milk she will produce.

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