Minerals: Not Just the Gold And Silver


Eating right and taking good care of your health is like a long-term investment, in which you will gain less health issues in later stages of life.

To take care of essential parts and organs of your body like skin, blood and bones, minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, iodine and magnesium are highly recommended in our diet.

Minerals: Not Just the Gold And Silver

Deficiency of these minerals harms our body and health. Symptoms like poor memory, insomnia, irregular heartbeats and anemia are the few examples, caused due to deficiency of minerals. These symptoms signal us to take right amount of minerals in our diet. Taking the right amount of minerals is very important since overloading of minerals leads to toxicity. It is very simple to fulfill our daily minerals requirement through various food items without completely depending upon mineral supplements. But how do we get them and what they do to us? Lets have a look.

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