Frequently Asked Questions about Torticollis

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for torticollis?

You must consult an orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist or pediatrician (for children).

2. How long does the treatment for torticollis last?

The treatment will last until it is treated successfully. The duration of the treatment also depends on the underlying cause of the deformity. If the underlying cause is treated early, then the deformity also gets corrected early.

3. Can torticollis be prevented?

No, torticollis cannot be prevented.

4. What happens if torticollis is left untreated?

If torticollis is left untreated, it will lead to various complications like permanent head tilt, permanent neck stiffness and scoliosis.

5. Who is at Risk?
  • Age : It affects people of all ages, mainly between age 30-60.
  • Sex : Females are affected more than males.
  • Hereditary : Familial influences may be a factor in the development of deformity.
  • Stress : Stress and emotion has an influence to exacerbate the deformity.