Prevention of Ebola Virus Disease

Prevention of Ebola Virus Disease

Preventing Ebola is very important as the disease is dangerous once the person is infected.

Prevention of Ebola is possible only by isolating the infected person. The following measures ensure minimal spread of the disease.

  • Avoiding travel to areas where virus is found.
  • Health care workers and laboratory technicians have to avoid direct contact with the infected person’s blood and body fluids by wearing gown, gloves, masks and goggles.
  • Needle-sharing has to be avoided and adequate sterilization of needles and equipment is essential.
  • Isolation of the infected and deceased patients is a must.
  • Use of disposable syringes, needles and other equipment, and proper disposal of the same.
Prevention of Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola Virus Vaccine

Testing of a vaccine for the Ebola virus has been found to protect nonhuman primates. The vaccinated macaques were challenged with the virus and were reported to remain resistant. A vaccine for humans is under trial but not yet approved for use.