Goserelin - Indications, Dosage, Side Effects and Precautions


Information about Goserelin

Generic Name : Goserelin
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Pronunciation : GOE-se-rel-in

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ICD Code : Y43.3 Therapeutic Classification : Chemotherapy

Trade Names/Brand Names of Goserelin

International :

Zoladex Inj, Zoladex La Vial

Why is Goserelin Prescribed? (Indications)

This medication is a synthetic analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist, used to suppress production of the sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen), prescribed for the treatment of endometriosis, breast and prostate cancer.

When should Goserelin not be taken? (Contraindications)

Contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant and breastfeeding; patients with known hypersensitivity.

What is the dosage of Goserelin?

Palliative treatment of prostate cancer: Adult- 3.6 mg injected into the anterior abdominal wall every 28 days or 10.8 mg every 12 weeks. An anti-androgen is given several days before beginning of the treatment and continued for at least 3 weeks to prevent disease flare.

How should Goserelin be taken?

Implant placed by your doctor or nurse in a hospital.

What are the warnings and precautions for Goserelin?

•It may cause urinary tract obstruction, spinal cord compression, and decreases bone density in women.

• Women should take contraceptives.

Monitor blood sugar regularly, it may affect blood sugar.

• Monitor men at tumor risk.

Caution should be exercised in patients with history of urinary problems, spinal cord problems, mental illness, diabetes, heart problems, blood vessel problems, stroke, high blood calcium levels, obesity, any allergy, and who are taking other medications.

What are the side effects of Goserelin?

Genitourinary- Vaginal bleeding and dryness, increase in menstrual bleeding, hot flushes, sexual dysfunction and breast swelling/tenderness.
Central Nervous System- Headache, emotional lability, depression, sleeplessness, dizziness and tingling.
Joint pain, sweating and injection site reactions.

What are the other precautions for Goserelin?

Monitor bone mineral density regularly.

What are the storage conditions for Goserelin?

Injection: Store below 25°C.Store it at room temperature and keep away from children.