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Headache is a common complaint that occurs frequently in some. It can be easily countered by simple medications.

'Every head has its own headache' - Arab proverb

A headache literally means ‘pain in the head’. In many cases, it does not stop with the head and may extend on to the neck and upper back. It is a very common complaint that may occur frequently in some people.

The brain is itself pain-free as it lacks nociceptors;however,  the surrounding membrane,  dura, and the associated blood vessels have pain receptors and  are  highly prone to pain. Any irritation to these membranes  and blood vessels result in aches. Irritations to the head muscles too can result in a painful experience.


The common causes for a headache include stress/tensions, dehydration, eye stain, migraine, sinusitis and low levels of blood sugar. Headaches may also occur due to life-threatening conditions like brain tumors, encephalitis, meningitis, increased BP, cerebral aneurysms and brain tumors. Head injuries are other causes of headaches. In women, headaches can be caused by the fluctuating levels of hormones, such as estrogen.

Headaches are often harmless and they tend to go away by themselves. In some rare cases, migraines can be associated with stroke.

In the vast majority of the cases, the pain is relieved by simple, over- the- counter, pain-relieving pills such as aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol. Certain headaches do not go away by themselves and may require more specific treatment accompanied by lifestyle changes.


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I feel like my speech is real slow and my body movement is slower then usual. I just went to the ER yesterday owning. ThEy gave me a shot of dilaudid and Zofran. Am I feeling this cause the shot or the migraine?
tonya1970 Friday, April 25, 2014
Cluster headache is a name given to an agonising form of migraine headaches (on one side of head) with autonomic eye swelling, watering and nasal congestion. It usually presents in bouts i.e clusters, and its frequency can be every few years but sometimes much more frequently. No great remedy is so far available.Recently article in JAMA suggested use of high-flow oxygen for about 15 mins as the treatment of choice.
Conclusion of article says 'Treatment of patients with cluster headache at symptom onset using inhaled high-flow oxygen compared with placebo was more likely to result in being pain-free at 15 minutes.'

prema Monday, December 28, 2009

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