Hand tremors are unintentional rhythmic movements of the hand that occur either at rest or with motion.

Hand Tremor

Tremors are unintentional, rhythmic movements of a part of the body that occur in a back-and-forth pattern. They are the most common of all involuntary movements and can affect the hands, arms, head, face, voice, trunk and legs. Tremors may occur at any age but are most common in middle-aged and older persons.

Several neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain injury or neurodegenerative diseases that damage brain and nerve cells cause hand tremors. Other medical conditions like alcohol withdrawal, thyroid disorders, liver failure and lithium poisoning are also associated with tremors. Fatigue, anxiety, stress, aging, low blood sugar, some prescription medicines like amphetamine, corticosteroids and over use of caffeinated drinks can also cause hand tremors.

Tremors are generally caused by improper functioning of the part of brain that controls muscle movement throughout the body or in particular areas such as hands.

Hand tremors may occur:

  • At rest
  • During action

Depending on the tremor characteristics and the associated symptoms, the underlying cause of the tremor can be diagnosed. For example:

  • Tremors at rest associated with rigid muscles and slow movements could suggest Parkinsonism.
  • Tremors associated with a high pulse rate and weight loss may be due to high thyroid hormone levels.
  • Tremors that appear within a reasonable time frame following drug ingestion may be induced by medications.
  • Tremors that appear at the end of purposeful movements may be due to a problem in the cerebellum.
  • Tremors in a diabetes patient may be due to excessive medication resulting in low blood sugar levels.


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peter2612 Monday, April 14, 2014

could taking metformin 1000 slow release tablets twice a day, cause my hands to tremble. waiting for your reply, many thanks, peter hedison.

harri Monday, April 14, 2014

I have a slight tremor in my hands sometimes when I pour water from a bottle into a glass, hold a full bowl of soup etc. It is occasional and not very frequent. I am 45 years old, generally stress free, take average exercise, drink mildly [rarely above 90 ml of hard spirits ie rum, whiskey a day]. I have elevated cholesterol (upto 300) and take medicine for that. Why do my hands tremble? What can I do about it?

pankaj71 Thursday, March 27, 2014

i have got slight tremors in my hands., also poor concentration and weak memory and grasp the things slowely.

andycosta29 Monday, July 8, 2013

My both hands are shaking not regularly but whenever i talk in a group of people or shake hands with Female. Anyhow am having problem of epilepsy and taking tablet of Epilive 200mg and Zen Retd 200mg and also Tab Remiylin . Now when am sleeping sometime i feel pain in left chest feeling drousyness think like to much off thngs r going on my mind .Am little fat with occasionall have some drink . Pls give some suggestion.

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