General Information about Appendectomy

The appendix is a small, fingerlike or a worm like tube located where the large and small intestines join, it has no known function in

humans. The anatomical name for the appendix is Vermiform Appendix, which means worm-like appendage. Inflammation of the appendix called Appendicitis usually requires immediate medical attention. The surgical procedure of removal of the appendix is called Appendectomy.

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Frank_73, Canada

If a patient is having a high grade fever at the same time wheezes due to history of asthma but oxygen saturation is 99% on 2L/min via nasal prong. Which should be dealt first? my ineffective breathing pattern or fever"? Whaat can fever do with regards to my acute appendicitis?

sparky43, United States

how long should the durabond stay on the incesions?

LeoRa, Netherlands

Are there any contra indications for an appendectomy?

ramkk, India


Erni93, United States

Is it true that swallowing types of seeds can cause appendicitis? Or if so, is it really really rare and I shouldn't worry about it?