Last Updated on Jun 02, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should you consult for beauty parlor stroke syndrome?

You should consult your physician who will refer you to a neurologist.

2. Can vertebrobasilar insufficiency be caused by any other conditions?

Vertebrobasilar insufficiency can be caused by any condition where you need to bend your head backward, like while sitting in a dentist’s chair, star gazing or even doing yoga. Make sure that your neck feels comfortable in any of these positions and you will be safe.

3. How common is beauty parlor stroke syndrome?

Beauty parlor stroke syndrome is quite rare, and has only been recognised in the past few decades. People with risk factors may be more susceptible to the condition. In several instances, it may go undetected since the doctor or the patient may not associate the symptoms with the beauty parlor treatment.

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