Endometrial Biopsy

Last Updated on Feb 10, 2016
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A procedure in which a tissue sample is obtained from the endometrium (the inside lining of the uterus) and is then observed under a microscope.

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I had this biopsy attempted on me today.I was not very nervous but as soon as he put the clamp in me, I had severe pinching and pain. I tolerate pain quite well but this was VERY painful and he was taking a while trying to get through my cervix, I finally asked if we could stop and he said yes, he couldn't get through to uterus.I felt very sick, I wanted to vomit. Then my ears started ringing and I felt very weak. My blood pressure dropped to 80 over 40! I was so scared it was the worst experience. I'm so thankful that I had my friend by my side. I am home now and still feel kind of weak. I'm bleeding a little red blood but have bad cramps. I also feel irritation on the outside opening of vagina. I'm scheduled for an ablation on the 20th of July and he said he would do biopsy then! There is a chance he won't be able to do either stating he has had cases even under anesthesia that they can't get through. I'm contemplating not doing it now!


I was a happy and very healthy 47 year old woman until I went in for a routine cervical biopsy three days ago following a slightly abnormal pap result. At that appointment for the procedure, they surprised me with wanting to do a uterine biopsy as well and it would be no big deal and is fairly routine. I have never had any abnormal uterine bleeding and do not have pain. My periods are very normal. I feel that this uterine biopsy was unnecessary. This was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me, and I found out that thousands of other women have experienced this same horror. I came in for a cervical biopsy, as I understood that it was warranted, and was satisfied with that. Completely caught off guard just moments prior to what I came in for, I was informed I should have a uterine biopsy as well. I asked many questions as I did not want to suddenly have an invasive procedure done that I knew nothing about, and I had no time to do my research. It was explained to me that it was fairly routine and nothing to worry about, and that I would just have a little cramping the rest of the day with some discharge. I reluctantly agreed and signed the consent form. The pain was worse than anything I have ever experienced in my life, and was done twice. I immediately yelled out and was crying... it was a tremendous shock. I felt extremely violated and betrayed. I continued to cry after the procedure, while getting dressed, the entire drive home, and after getting home. I have had cramping and bloating since, my lower back hurts (which is not something I even get with my period), and 3 days later a large long & wide strip of tissue came out when urinating. Why am I in pain, why am I bloated? Prior to this day, I was happy, healthy, and felt in control of my health. Now, I am in pain, crying all the time after suffering through this trauma, and am wondering if my periods will now discontinue being normal as they have always been. I have never had bloating in my life, and following the procedure, I look like I'm pregnant. I feel full from the bloating, so I can't eat either. I was not ready for anything like this to happen to me. It's all I can think about and it has taken over my life - the only acknowledgment I get that this is real is from all the other women who have suffered through it. I spoke with another doctor who performs this procedure, and she agreed that the pain is extreme and will leave you on the floor crying - she said she always prepares patients ahead of time and never springs it on them last minute. I am so upset that I had such a torturous and traumatic procedure done to me that wasn't necessary, and it continues to affect my life. I feel that it may have permanently damaged me. It just is not right, and no one should suffer this indignation ever again. I have never had any abnormal uterine symptoms, and feel that it was not necessary. I trusted what I was being told, and agreed, not knowing the reality of what was about to happen. In short, this was by far the most painful traumatizing experience of my life, and I am still suffering pain, bloating, and post traumatic stress. I am wondering if my normally healthy uterus has been damaged, and if I will ever be normal again. I have since read story after story of thousands of women who have suffered through this torturous experience, and describe to a T exactly what I have been through. Also, the recurring theme is that of the "surprise" uterine biopsy... meaning they went in for one procedure, only to be told that they would need this one as well, and like me, agreed to it because they were told it's routinely done and weren't properly informed of the reality of how invasive and excruciatingly painful it is, and that they will be on the floor crying after. I am appalled by the lack of acknowledgment on the medical community's part that this is serious. My life changed that day, and I certainly no longer feel happy and healthy. It is now 8 days later, and I am need painkillers to get through my days, and am still quite upset that this happened to me. I also discovered that not only will the doctor refuse to acknowledge any of this or help me, the doctor has added false information to my medical record, stating that the reason she did the procedure was due to abnormal uterine bleeding (which is a blatant lie!). I have the most regular period possible, like clockwork, always predictable and healthy. I also had ultrasounds done not long ago reflecting how healthy my uterus looked, and that I had plenty of eggs, etc. She also falsified my period dates to reflect that they were two weeks apart, when I verified time and time again with her and her nurse the actual dates - which are 28 days apart. When I called to have my medical record corrected, the nurse was very indignant and rude to me, as if I did something wrong. Every day that passes I become more and more worried since I still have a burning pain inside, as well as abnormal bloating that I have never had. My life thus far following the brutality of this procedure, has changed significantly. Since the doctor responsible has brushed me off, I have followed up with my primary care doctor in hopes that she may be able to help me is some way. She ordered an external pelvic ultrasound since nothing may be inserted internally at all following that procedure for a certain length of time. I had that done yesterday (7 days post brutal procedure), as well as blood work and urinalysis. I won't know anything more until Monday or Tuesday. Every day is torture, hoping it will end one day. I am concerned about permanent damage, and I have not gotten my period that was due this past week (which has never happened to me before). I have never felt anything like this, nor have I ever felt so traumatized. I have always felt empowered by taking control of my own health with proper diet, exercise, avoiding toxins of all kinds, not smoking or drinking, etc., as well as knowing the importance of preventative care. I am a very young 47 year old, and have always carried a pride in my healthy glow, because I work hard for it, and that makes me happy. After what was done to me, I feel betrayed, and I believe the recovery of this trauma will be a long battle. I have much anxiety as well regarding what damage has been done, and if my normally healthy periods will no longer be that way. I cry every day and wake up in the middle of the night crying. I may never be able to return to a gynecologist ever again. I am looking for any way possible to bring this to light so women won't continue to be victims. I was not ready for this sort of trauma in my life, but it's done and I must find some way to cope. I believe the best way to get through it is by talking about it and bringing awareness.


The more I read this stuff, the bigger my panic attack is getting. I went in for an E.B a few days ago, and my doctor (who is an internist) could not get to my extremely tipped uterus... So is sending me to a gyno to have it done. It was painful enough having her dig around in there trying to find it. Now I'm frozen with fear! I'm 44 and suspect I'm hitting perimenopause due to shorter cycles. The doctor wants to rule out everything before treating for hormones. I've had an ultrasound and bloodwork done so far, and this dang biopsy is all that's left... And I seriously don't know if I'll be able to handle it now after reading all of this :/ Any words of encouragement to get me through this? Gah!!


I am in a lot of pain. I had it done today and i am upset nothing was given to me for pain.


I had a doctor do an impromptu, unsolicited one on me. I am mortified that this is allowed to happen to women without anesthesia. This was the worst experience of my life. I bleed for days and had pain for 10 days and counting. This needs to be a procedure done in the hospital or under heavy medication.


I had an endometrial biopsy today. Thank you to all who posted. My Dr informed me that it would be very painful but it only last 15 sec and "you can endure anything for 15 second right?" She said, one lady said never again, then she said I could do it. after these comments, I researched this and saw all the comments here. I also researched this on medical sites for peer review articles. here's what i found out. My dr uses a device which collects multiple samples from multiple sites for 15 seconds. This is the best for ruling out cancer since it gets all locations. it is used commonly by many doctors and is called vabra aspiration. some doctors collect only one small sample from one location and this may be why some biopsies are less painful. my doctor does lots of biopsies so she is good at it. I decided to have her do this procedure, but, I insisted on Valium, lortab, cytotec [to dilate the cervix] and I also,took aleve. I took 400 mg cytotec the night before and 100 mg the day of the procedure and getting the device in my uterus was so easy, even though I have never had a vaginal delivery. I also insisted on intra uterine lidocaine. After she inserted 5cc of lidocaine gel, she waited 5 min. For it to work. Make sure to wait these 5 minutes. There was no pain, only slight pressure even when she took the biopsy. I think she was surprised I had no pain. Please ask your doctor for these meds. Btw. The cost for the meds was very minimal after my insurance. I think I paid $5 after insurance for all this. Please ask for this! I am so thankful for the prayers of my church family and for the medications that made this procedure painfree!

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