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 You, Your Lover, One House: Easy Way to Make 500 Pounds in UK
In order to promote stable families in UK a scheme has been proposed through the benefits system by which couples will be paid 500 pounds per year for staying together.

The "couple bonus" move, designed to encourage people to stay together, is part of an Iain Duncan Smith inspired drive to promote stable families, the Daily Mail reported.

Duncan Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary, will outline the plans contained in his Welfare Reform Bill.

He will also announce a simplification of the current welfare system and propose merging six types of benefits into one universal payment.

Last year Prime Minister David Cameron had placed a strong emphasis on the importance of stable family life and had pledged at the election to offer couples tax incentives to get married.

Currently a parent living alone can claim 67.50 pounds a week in jobseekers' allowance or income support - giving the pair 135 pounds per week in handouts if they live apart.

But if they reside under the same roof they are only eligible to receive 105.95 pounds.

Although couples across Europe are entitled to a smaller sum in benefits when living under the same roof, in Britain 35 percent of the payments are lost.

Under the Coalition proposals couples would be given an extra 10 pounds per week to live together.

By introducing the new incentive, Duncan Smith hopes to reduce fraud.

Source: ANI

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