Win an Apple IPod By Predicting Jade Goody's Death

by Hannah Punitha on Oct 2 2008 11:42 AM

 Win an Apple IPod By Predicting Jade Goody
Predict Jade Goody's death and win an Apple iPod that's a new vile website is offering.
Sickos on the net are running the macabre contest urging people to predict Goody's life span.

The lawyers of the cancer stricken 'Big Brother' star are trying to get shut down.

Goody was diagnosed with "advanced and life-threatening" cervical cancer six weeks ago and is said to be "shocked and hurt".

The Holland-based site is luring people by promising to donate cash to cancer charity Macmillan for every click on one of its ads, however, Macmillan bosses admit that they had nothing to do with it

The site asks users to register the time and date they think Jade will die. It says: "Predict Jade's final breath and be crowned Mr or Mrs Death.

"Winner will be rewarded with an iPhone 3G."

According to the site they will receive a thank-you message reading: "Thank you for predicting the death of Jade. She'll appreciate it."

"Jade is a young mum going through a very difficult time battling cancer, like thousands of other young women in the UK who suffer this terrible disease," Daily Star quoted Goody's spokesman, as saying.

"Naturally she was shocked and hurt to find out about this website.

"But she has also been overwhelmed by the amount of letters, cards and messages of goodwill she has received from the public,'' he added.

A Macmillan Cancer spokesman said: "We do not have any association with this website and wish Jade Goody well as she continues her treatment.''


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