Jade Goody Reveals the Painful Details of On-going Conflict With Cancer

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 3 2008 1:05 PM

Jade Goody has divulged details of her heart-rending experience of combating cancer in a recent television exclusive. The reality TV star described how the doctors had initially given her the “all-clear” signal and had only prescribed painkillers for her period pains to subside.

In an special GMTV interview, Goody told Fiona Phillips that her painful symptoms were dismissed just before she went into the Indian Big Brother house last month despite having pre-cancerous cells at 16, 18 and after having children.

"I was in hospital for a week, and they didn't do anything because they didn't know what it was, even though it was the fourth time I had been there for the same reason," the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

"They did a belly scan and everything was fine, even my blood, so they said to me it was either a bad period or stress.

"In the end I began to feel really frustrated, like they were insulting my intelligence, I thought they thought I was being a hypochondriac and lying about it.

"I made a conscious effort to tell them that I was going away for a long period of time and they wouldn't be able to get in touch, and would that be OK. They said I was fine and I was fit and healthy," she added.

Goody was informed about her disease in the Diary Room of the Indian Big Brother house.

However, she initially thought it was some kind of hoax and had no idea she was being filmed.

"My first thought was cancer, chemo, death, because that's all I know of it," she said.

"I didn't know it was being filmed either, and that conversation I was having was actually to my agent, it wasn't to my doctor.

"[The producers] wanted me to go out and tell everybody. I was like, "I can't do that, I need my family and friends to know before I just randomly say it on television."

"And it was really horrible, it was really, really hard because I had no one, at that time when you found out all you want is a cuddle or something, and I had nothing," she added.

Goody said that the doctors told her the cancer was in the early stages but it's now emerged that it's advanced and has gone from her womb into her blood stream.

"I've got to go tomorrow to find out what treatment I need. The doctor's told me over the phone, but he wants to sit me down and tell me step by step because it's quite sensitive," she said.

The 27-year-old star, who now faces having a hysterectomy, said the blow had brought her closer to her two sons Bobby, five, and three-year-old Freddie.

"I realize that when I'm with my boys - I've spent the whole week away with them doing things like rock climbing which I wouldn't ever normally do. It makes me smile and it makes me forget for a bit."

Goody, who is rumored to be making a reality TV show documenting her battle with the disease, has dismissed the reports.

"I'm not doing a TV show out of this. I was filming before and it all finished when I went to India," she said.

"I would never do that, it's something that I need to go through on my own and get strong," she added.