Teens Who Snack Regularly may Not Gain Weight

by Kathy Jones on Jun 29 2010 9:33 PM

 Teens Who Snack Regularly may Not Gain Weight
A new survey conducted in the United States reveals that teens who snack throughout the day are less likely to gain weight compared to those who limited themselves to bigger meals.
Researchers from the Food & Nutrition Database Research Inc in Michigan polled more than 5,800 teenagers are found that nearly 40 percent of the teenagers who did not snack regularly were overweight compared to 22, 28 and 30 percent among teenagers who had two, three and four or more snacks in a day.

The researchers suggested that regularly having “healthy” snacks not only helped in controlling cholesterol levels but also increased the metabolism in the body.

“Parents have to encourage their kids to have healthy snacks, that means foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products”, lead researcher Dr. Debra R. Keast said.