Poison-resistant Giant Rats Spreading Across UK

by Anubha Sinha on Apr 16 2014 11:40 AM

 Poison-resistant Giant Rats Spreading Across UK
After London and Birmingham, supersized rats, which are as big as cats, have now moved towards north and have been spotted in Liverpool.
These giant rats were also seen across Merseyside. They eat the left over foods in trash bins near restaurants and houses. According to reports, traditional rat poisons have no effect on them.

These giant rats can grow the size of a cat- nearly 2 feet in length from nose to tail. Sean Whelan of Whelan Pest Prevention told the Liverpool Echo, “We're seeing bigger rats in Liverpool. They're super rats in my opinion. Access to food is so easy for them. They're like humans, they eat and eat and get bigger and bigger.”

Daily Telegraph reported that according to a study from the University of Huddersfield in 2009, genetic mutations created a new breed of 'super rat' in Britain. And the DNA of these rats was resistant to the normal rat poison.

Rats can cause Weil's disease which can be transmitted to humans. The disease initially shows symptoms similar to flu, but later it causes jaundice in kidneys. There are around 80 million rats in Britain.

Pest controllers have warned that now a stronger poison will be needed to manage the growing menace of rats. But this idea has not gone down well with wildlife campaigners who say that stronger poison can pose danger to birds and animals.

Steve Brindley of Evergreen Pest Control in Birmingham said, “The rats aren't going to go away. They will just breed at a faster rate because they are not being controlled. Now, people come out of takeaways and throw food on the floor - it is a nice ready meal for the rats.”

According to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, cut in government funds on pest control was inviting “a national pest explosion”.