Non-stop Partying Taking Toll on Kate Moss’ Supermodel Looks

by Medindia Content Team on Oct 21 2007 3:37 PM

It seems that excess partying is having a harmful effect on Kate Moss’ supermodel looks.

The stunning Briton’s recent appearance at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks for the Prince's Trust after party at London nightclub Paper, is a solid proof to show that the non-stop partying lifestyle is prematurely ageing her.

The British beauty’s once stunning looks have been eroded by regular night outs, smoking and booze binges.

The former ramp queen looked extremely worn out with a gaunt face, and sunken eyes, reports the Daily Mail.

And the damage is not just limited to her face. Moss’, once famous for her lithe figure, looked scrawny and bruised, with her bony knees protruding from her skeletal limbs.

Meanwhile Kate recently blew 100,000 pounds on a ‘wild’ holiday in Ibiza with beau Jamie Hince and a few pals.

Moss began her spending spree when she chartered a private aircraft to fly her, Hince, and five pals to Ibiza for a two-day bender.

Once there, the group headed to the nearest club and literally partied the night away, staying out till 7 in the morning on Oct 8.