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Liam Gallagher Facing Ban from Club Over Smoke Ultimatum
Liam Gallagher is facing a ban from his favourite club after disregarding the smoking ban and lighting up twice.

The Oasis frontman was watching England's game against Russia at The Queens pub in Primrose Hill when things turned slightly unpleasant.

Liam was disgruntled when he was asked to move outside for a cigarette.

"Liam had a cigarette in his mouth and was intent on watching the football.

He was with some Manchester friends who kept popping outside to smoke," the Daily Snack quoted an onlooker, as saying.

"Liam lit his cigarette and was loitering in the doorway when an older woman near him suddenly started coughing and told him to move outside, which he did.

"Someone who appeared to work there politely explained to Liam that if he wanted to smoke, he had to go outside and said he had been warned," the onlooker added."

But the warnings didn't seem to have an effect on the 35-year-old rocker, who lit up again after an hour.

"He argued he was outside of the doorway but staff said he wasn't. And he was politely warned if he did it again, a third time, he'd be asked to leave and not to come back," the onlooker said.

Source: ANI

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