by Savitha C Muppala on  March 9, 2013 at 12:01 AM General Health News
 No Fancy Stuff on Mother’s Day, Just Give Us Time to Sleep and Some “me” Time
A new poll which looked into what mothers really want this mother's day turned out to be quite surprising and different from the usual expectations of flowers, fancy jewelry, and ipads.

All they wanted was some quiet time away from the kids and a nice long lie-in. After some rest, mothers preferred some quality time with family.

Mothers opted for a day away from kiddies' outbursts, and also a ban on children's television. They would love it if somebody cooked for them that day.

The survey found that women did not want expensive gifts, but would certainly want some rest, peace and quiet. Some chose a clean house, and a day when they could afford the luxury of a hot mug of tea or coffee before it turned cold.

One respondent said: 'I love my toddler's artwork - and a tantrum-free day would be bliss - but more than anything I'd adore a decent night's sleep and a lazy Sunday morning curled up with my book or the papers.Little things like this which you take for granted become a luxury once you're a parent.'

Source: Medindia

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