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New IPhone App That Counts Calories from Food Photos Developed
A new iPhone application that takes a picture of the meal, be it a slice of pizza, chocolate cake or bag of chips, with the phone can give you the amount of calories you will consume almost instantly.

The MealSnap app was developed by DailyBurn, a fitness social network that has created several other fitness and diet-related iPhone applications.

The new app promises to provide a calories read-out of whatever food picture you send its way.

Within minutes of taking a picture of a meal and matching it to a database of some 500,000 food items, the app sends users an alert with a range of calories for the meal that was photographed.

"The database can quickly help identity the food, how many calories there are, proteins, fat, carbs, vitamins, whatever you may want to know," the Daily Mail quoted Andy Smith, chief executive at DailyBurn, as saying.

"Users can then choose to share what they've eaten on Twitter or FourSquare, leading to social accountability," DailyBurn added.

Additionally, MealSnap can serve as a food diary, allowing users to keep a visual log of the meals they have eaten.

MealSnap is available on the iTunes store for 1.79 pounds, or 2.99 dollars in the U.S.

Source: ANI

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