by Shirley Johanna on  December 31, 2015 at 1:57 PM General Health News
Munching Foods When Not Hungry May Be Bad For Health!
With the wide availability of convenient foods, people have a tendency to eat when they are not hungry, which might be less advantageous to health than eating when they are hungry.

In the modern times, where potato chips, chocolates and bacon double cheeseburgers are waiting to lure the taste buds, people often gobble on food without being hungry.

In contrast to people in traditional societies, who are far away from such temptations, people in contemporary societies often eat not on account of hunger, but because tasty food is available and beckoning at all hours of the day.

The results of the study that involved 45 undergraduate students showed that individuals who were moderately hungry before the meal tended to have lower blood glucose levels after consuming the meal than individuals who were not particularly hungry before consuming the meal.

These findings suggest that it might be healthier for individuals to eat when they are moderately hungry than when they are not hungry.

The research is published in the journal Association for Consumer Research.

Source: ANI

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