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 Is Katie Price Down With Swine Flu?
Kate Price a.k.a Jordan may be inflicted with swine flu.

The hottie was supposed to attend a public event to sign copies of her new book Sapphire in Bournemouth, before she had a fever.

It started on way to the venue, when she lost a part of a tooth while chewing gum and her face became bloated.

So she had to be taken for an urgent treatment.

"She was in a lot of discomfort and we found a dentist who would open up especially to treat her. He had to give her a lot of anaesthetic and her face swelled. She could not face the general public looking like that," the Daily Star quoted her spokesman as saying.

However, the bombshell soon started showing signs of flu during the dental work, as she suffered a temperature and felt unwell.

Rep briefed that she was "worried" about Katie's condition, and that she was "spending some time in bed" on doctor's order.

The spokesperson added that Katie was "distraught" that she'd let down the crowd of 1,000 fans.

However, the fans waiting for her in pouring rain outside WH Smith were disappointed and angered by her absence.

Fan Jackie Young, a fan said: "I was the first person in the queue at 5am. My daughter was desperate to see her and we were really excited. But now she's made a lot of people really angry."

Another fan Shona Race, 16, said: "Although I love her, it makes me really angry and really upset that she hasn't turned up. I'm just devastated."

Now, the signing has been scheduled for next week, as her fans hope she recovers.

Source: ANI

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