by Anne Trueman on  July 9, 2013 at 11:27 AM Health Watch
Heavy Workouts Curb Hunger
An interesting study that could prompt more people to hit the gym reveals heavy workouts can limit people's hunger cravings.

High-intensity exercise regime is linked to hunger reduction and alterations in the levels of hormones concerned with hunger regulation and satiety.

Scientists observed that obese males consumed lesser calories after a heavy workout as compared to when they were resting.

Aaron Sim, a graduate student of the University of Western Australia and colleagues conducted a study for assessing the effects of heavy exercise regime on hunger cravings. The study was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Seventeen obese men volunteered for the study and were asked to participate in four 30-minute sessions.

One session involved rest and the other three sessions comprised of moderate, high and very high-intensity workouts.

Moderate exercises involved persistent cycling whereas intense exercise regimes comprised of short bursts of speed and long stretches of pedaling at moderate speed.

The participants drank a liquid meal that supplied 267 calories, after every workout. After an hour, they were given oatmeal and told to eat till comfortably full.

The scientists observed that volunteers ate less after doing heavy workouts as compared to when they rested. The amount of food consumed also reduced with the intensity of the exercise.

The experts noted that the volunteers consumed 764 calories after the resting phase, 710 calories after moderate exercises, 621 calories after high workouts, and 594 calories after very heavy exercise regimes.

The volunteers also ate less calories on the day subsequent to the high intensity workouts than on the day following normal exercise or rest sessions.

Sim mentioned, "This study provides some promising preliminary support for this notion, but further research is needed to investigate this in a longer-term study."

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