by Avinash Ramani on  August 13, 2013 at 11:24 AM Health Watch
Fallopian Tube Removal may Cut Ovarian Cancer Risk
A doctor in UK has been advising women who fall in the risk category for Ovarian Cancer to remove their Fallopian Tubes as a precautionary step to prevent Ovarian Cancers. Cancer Research UK doesn't agree with this however.

Prof Sean Kehoe of the charity Wellbeing of Women at the University of Birmingham was in support of fallopian tube removal and argued that salpingectomy could be of help to several women. His advice comes in correlation to the recent studies pointing out to the fact that the Fallopian tubes account for the origination of nearly 50% of Ovarian Cancers, although several more research studies are underway globally.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancers are cancerous tumors originating from ovary. Almost 90% of the ovarian cancers are classified as "epithelial tumors" as they originate from the epithelial tissues at the surface of the ovary. Several studies have already shown that the fallopian tubes as source for ovarian cancers with some evidences proving the theory of fallopian tubes being the source for ovarian cancers.

The Ovarian cancer is currently managed by chemotherapy or surgery in advanced stages. Radiation therapy is mostly avoided in Ovarian Cancer as it involves the risk of damaging the vital organs in the peritoneal region.

In order to prevent ovarian cancer, this doctor has suggested salpingectomy for women with BRCA mutations, since the BRCA gene mutations are associated with higher risk for ovarian and breast cancers. The Cancer Research UK has however ruled-out the theory of fallopian tube removal stating that there was no direct evidence on effectiveness of salpingectomy in preventing ovarian cancers.

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