by Dr. Simi Paknikar on  June 13, 2014 at 10:53 AM Health In Focus
World Blood Donor Day 2014: Give Blood for Those Who Give Life
The World Blood Donor Day is observed by the World Health Organization every year on the 14th of June. The day has been selected as it is the birthdate of Karl Landsteiner, who has made an important contribution towards discovering blood groups.

The theme for this year's event focusses on the need of donor blood by women during pregnancy and delivery. It states- Give blood for those who give life.

Blood is something that can be donated at regular intervals without affecting the donor. Blood that is donated is replaced by the body in a few days' time. The donor can be up on his feet a few minutes after the donation, yet blood donation is something that can save the life of another individual, be it a patient with an accident, blood disorder like thalassemia or a surgical complication.

The lack of blood donors in some regions is often due to laziness or the lack of awareness about the miracles that a pint of blood can do. If individuals are made aware of what difference they can make to an unknown person with a simple blood donation, it is likely that many more individuals will come forward and donate blood.

The theme of this year's World Blood Donor Day highlights the need for blood by pregnant women. Some pregnant women especially suffer from severe blood loss during delivery or post-delivery necessitating an immediate blood transfusion. If blood is not easily available, it could even lead to the death of the mother.

Thus, we all have a moral obligation towards these women. While it is important to donate blood, it is also important that the blood should not harm the recipient. Therefore, a person suffering from conditions like HIV and hepatitis B should refrain from donating blood. It is also important that the blood is collected with all sterile precautions to make the transfusion safe for both the patient as well as the donor.

If you do not suffer from any condition that prevents you from donating your blood, do consider going to the nearest blood donation center on the 14th June and donating the life-saving fluid.



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