by Rathi Manohar on  May 4, 2011 at 10:17 PM General Health News
 From Obesity to Anorexia – a Sad Story
 Malissa Jones, a 21-year old from Selby in North Yorkshire, England, has swung from one end - being obese at 203 kg - to another, by becoming an anorexic, in just four years.

Malissa's weight made her go through a stomach bypass in 2008, and today, doctors hold out a dire warning that if she did not eat more, she would die in six months. Ironically, before the surgery, Malissa's parents Richard and Dawn Jones, could not prevent her from eating 15,000 calories a day. Her diet now includes just three cooked carrots, two portions of parsnip and a roast potato - 300 calories a day.

Dr Funke Baffour, a clinical psychologist has stated that the psychological reasons behind the earlier problem of obesity should have been dealt with before the surgery. These continue to haunt her, as he explains, "Perhaps subconsciously Malissa is so afraid of becoming obese again, she's stopping herself from eating."

Malissa was the youngest patient to go through the surgery which involves making the stomach smaller so that only a small of food can be taken in. It cost her $15,000 - and recently, the life of her baby son who was born three months premature because of her failing liver. And she realizes that it could cost her life as a heart attack might kill her any day.

 In an interview with British magazine Closer, she said "I would urge anyone wanting surgery to lose weight healthily. I wish I had. Surgery can have consequences you might never have imagined."

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