'Formula' for Perfect Pizza Revealed

by Sheela Philomena on Oct 25 2013 1:30 PM

UK mathematician has discovered a formula for creating a perfect pizza.
Eugenia Cheng, from the University of Sheffield, has figured out a formula based on a 'mathematical relationship' between the size of a pizza and its ratio of topping to base in a median bite.

In her research paper abstract, Cheng states that it is not the overall thickness of the pizza that is affected by its size, but also the topping-to-base ratio, Cnet reports.

The mathematician's work assumes that the same amount of dough and toppings go into each size of pie and the formula denoting 't' for constant volume of toppings, 'd' for constant volume of dough and 'r' for radius allows for comparison of the amount of toppings in an average bite across different sizes of pizza.

It is assumed that the average bite from an 11-inch pizza will have 10 percent more toppings than the average bite from a 14-inch pizza.

Cheng explained that smaller pies tend to have thicker crusts, wider rims, and outer edges with a scarcity of toppings, while rolling dough for larger pizzas reduces the crust overload and aids in more even distribution of toppings.