by Sheela Philomena on  October 25, 2013 at 1:39 PM Women Health News
 New Cosmetic Treatment to Rejuvenate Vagina
Early next year, a new non-surgical cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate the vagina is set to hit the United Kingdom.

The non-surgical cosmetic treatment, 'Labial Puff', is a vagina rejuvenation jab that promises to boost volume, reduce wrinkles and add elasticity to the vagina in just 15 minutes, the Daily Express reported.

The new filler procedure called 'DesirialR' by Vivacy, which is targeted at post-menopausal women, will plump up the vaginal area and restore the shape of the vagina as the loss of oestrogen can affect the vagina leaving the area deflated, dehydrated and wrinkled.

The revolutionary procedure, which is launched by Dr Kathryn Taylor-Barnes, contains hyaluronic acid, a moisture-boosting chemical found naturally in the deep layers of the skin, which is already used in many facial fillers.

Source: ANI

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