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 Drinking Mineral Water Could Prevent Memory Loss in Alzheimer's Patients
Drinking a liter of silicon-rich mineral water may help reduce the aluminum levels and prevent cognitive decline in people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, suggests a new study.

Aluminum has long been linked to the development of Alzheimer's but no scientific relationship has yet been proved.

High concentrations of the neurotoxin have been found in "plaques" in Alzheimer's patients' brains.

Now, researchers at Keele University have found that silicon-rich water "significantly reduced" levels of the neurotoxin in the body of victims.

Patients in the study drank a liter of mineral water a day for 13 weeks.

One patient saw the amount of aluminum in their body drop by 70 per cent.

Most showed no further signs of cognitive decline and three showed a major improvement.

Professor Christopher Exley, who led the research, said the "surprising" results gave new hope of finding simple ways to fight the disease.

"There were two parts to our research. The first is that drinking silicon water does remove aluminum from the body. When you drink silicon-rich mineral water, aluminum throughout the body is gathered up into the blood and excreted through the urine," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

"The second was looking at cognitive abilities of people with Alzheimer's and whether these changed as aluminum reduced. We did see this potential relationship between the removal of aluminum and improvement in cognitive function.

"It is highly unlikely to see changes over such a short period so the fact we saw changes in cognitive ability was quite a surprise.

"We saw improvement in some cases, cognitive function remained the same in others and it did decrease in others," he added.

The stuffy has been published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

Source: ANI

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