Blobfish: World's Ugliest Animal

by Sheela Philomena on Sep 14 2013 1:52 PM

 Blobfish: World
Blobfish has been named as the world's ugliest animal, reveal poll results.
Large, flightless, nocturnal and endangered, New Zealand's native kakapo was voted the world's second ugliest animal and dubbed a "rubbish parrot" by Ugly Animal Preservation Society, reported.

The blobfish topped the poll after 3000 votes on 12 creatures were lodged.

It received 795 votes, while the kakapo followed it with 617.

The third place was bagged by the axolotl, a Mexican amphibian also called the "walking fish".

Other candidates in the fight were the proboscis monkey and the Titicaca water frog.

A total of 88,000 people visited the website where the online poll, which was aimed at raising awareness of unsightly species that play an important role in the ecological web, took place.