by Nancy Needhima on  December 30, 2011 at 2:29 PM General Health News
Argentines to Sue If Surgeons Fail to Replace Faulty Breast Implants for Free
If faulty breast implants are not replaced free of cost, a team of 50 Argentine women have threatened to take legal action against their plastic surgeons.

The group is led by attorney Virginia Luna, who herself has the 'PIP' silicone gel packs implanted in her breasts, Fox News reported.

She revealed that five of her clients have obtained out-of-court agreements to provide free replacements, and if the rest do not get them as well, her group will sue.

The implants made by the now-defunct French company Poly Implant Prothese were banned last year in countries across the world after more than 1,000 women experienced ruptures.

Overall, 30,000 French women got the implants, and could suffer from harmful leaks of cheap industrial-grade silicone, not the medical-grade gel that higher quality implants use.

France's health system has recommended that any women with the implants should get them replaced, and has approved to pay for surgeries that could cost millions of dollars.

But the scenario is not the same in Brazil and Argentina, where thousands more of the implants were sold and health officials in both the nations have just advised checkups.

Source: ANI

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